Are you a service provider or supplier? Then expand your customer base by one simple action and take your place within the B2B platform. After registering and entering your data, you will already see thousands of cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and apartments that use, Menulogy, the digital menu.

For suppliers

In 2020, there were over 40,000 food service establishments throughout Austria. Of these, almost 8,000 are located in Vienna alone.

As a supplier, it is not easy to get to the managing directors of these companies and so it usually remains with advertising placements and mailings without much success.

With the B2B platform of QR Code Menu you can directly contact the owners of the catering establishments.
1. they are displayed directly in the respective industry category.
2. on your company profile you can display all your products with prices and create promotions.
3. you yourself can see all the businesses from the respective industries such as restaurant, cafe, bar, discotheque or hotel industry that use Menulogy, the digital menu, and contact or send your current brochure.

Every business needs a service – be it an electrician, plumber, painter, point-of-sale system provider, interior designer, glazier, etc.

Most businesses suffer from not being able to find a trustworthy company or can’t make a decision because there are thousands of different providers.

With your entry in the B2B platform, you are always in front of the eyes of the managers of catering establishments and hotels.

These people use the Menulogy management interface on a daily basis, as they edit your drinks and food, check reservations or follow up on offers from suppliers who have also taken their place in the B2B area.

For service providers

The next step

The input of your products or services

After you have successfully registered, you can enter either 5 or all of your products and services, depending on which package you have chosen. For service providers, the standard package with 5 entries is usually sufficient, whereas the premium package is recommended for suppliers.

This way you can enter your entire product range to attract new customers. Another advantage is that you can be displayed in multiple industry categories such as beverages, dry goods, refrigerated products, etc.


Why B2B Platform is mandatory cost for service providers and suppliers?

All restaurants, cafes and hotel uses Menulogy QR Menu Free of charge, allowing you to reach your thousands of Sponsored Localities via Menulogy B2B Platform.

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